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The Christian Karate Academy meets on Monday evenings at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Stockbridge, Georgia.  Our Master Instructors are Ricky Golden (5th Dan) and Donnie Chaffin (5th Dan). Thomas Hinkley (1st Dan) is a Certified Instructor. Victoria Hinkley (1st Red) and and Kayla Quinteros (1st Red) are Trainee Instructors. 

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Traditional Rank Advancement

This course of study is based on Tang Soo Do as taught by the Christian Karate Academy. The student tests approximately every 3 months until reaching 2nd Red Belt.  Each red belt must be held for 6 months prior to testing for the next belt. Students must have the complete Christian Karate Academy uniform in order to test. Tests through the 3rd Brown Belt are $30, Red Belts Tests are $40 and the Black Belt tests are $100.  Rank advancement is as follows:

White Belt - beginning students wear the White Belt 
10th Gold Belt
9th Purple Belt
8th Orange Belt
7th Blue Belt
6th Green Belt
5th Green Belt (with Stripe)
4th Brown Belt
3rd Brown Belt (with Stripe)
2nd Red Belt
1st Red Belt (with Stripe)
First Degree Black Belt

Advanced Katas for Black Belts

Second Degree Black Belt
Third Degree Black Belt
Fourth Degree Black Belt
Fifth Degree Black Belt
Sixth - Tenth Degree Black Belts

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